Ordinary of Medieval Armorials



The CD-ROM edition (1.0) of the Ordinary of Medieval Armorials (2006, above) is now obsolete, and is being replaced by two revised and expanded versions for download:

  • the database version, vs.2.1 (July 2017, mdb), readable with Microsoft Access 2003 (or later), and having more functionality than
  • the text version, vs. 2.0 (July 2017, pdf), readable with Adobe Acrobat vs.6.0 (or later). The French ordinary will be revised later in 2017.

Both versions have six functional parts:

  • an ordinary of 87.638 coats of arms (2017 mdb-version), in part or in toto from c.250 armorials, blazoned in both English and French, and attributed to families, branches or persons;
  • an index of 16.861 crests and 3244 figures used as crests;
  • an alphabetic armory (2017-version) with notes on 17.763 families and 33.183 branches or variants, each with references, and 3921 synonyms;
  • a dictionary of 1280 terms used in blazon and their synonyms many with translation into several languages;
  • Sigla and notes on 542 armorials, murals and decorations with reference to surviving manuscripts (also available through the SURVEY section) and 130 synonyms;
  • Bibliography and dictionary of abbreviations;

All items are blazoned in dictionary form in English and most in French, some have additional full blazons in the notes.

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