A little about myself:

Steen Clemmensen,

born 1948, retired, presently living in Farum, a suburb 25 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dr.phil. (humanities, heraldry), cand.scient. (Biochemistry), University of Copenhagen; before retirement I worked in regulatory affairs (environment, occupational health and food safety) as a toxicologist, official, advisor or manager for the Danish National Agency for Environmental Protection and National Agency for Food Safety (Institute of Toxicology), ICI Danmark A/S, Dansk Industri (the confederation of employers in manufacture), and National Environmental Research Institute.

Besides the fields of my former professional life and a liking for the pleasures of nature and urban cultural life, my long-standing interests in the political, social and military aspects of history moved into the field of heraldry and the fairly narrow study of how medieval editors of armorials worked.

Member, former secretary, of Societas Heraldica Scandinavica;

Member of the Heraldry Society;

Member of l'Academie Internationale d'Héraldique;

Fellow, Society of Antiquaries, London.

Received Arvid Berghmans heraldiska pris on its revival in 2012, and the Prix Dr. Walburga von Habsburg Douglas 2012 from the Confederation Internationale de Genealogie et d'Heraldique.

Apart from the papers on this website, some of my other publications are:

Heraldic  publications:

 ·        Clemmensen S.  Middelalderens våbenbøger - den første heraldik i farver.  Heraldisk Tidsskrift: 1998,  8 (78), 353-377. 

·         Clemmensen S.  Reminiscences from a wedding  - The English Section of the Armorial de la Toison d’Or. - Actes du 24e Congrès International des Sciences Généalogique et Héraldique, Besancon,  2-7 May 2000, Paris 2002.

·         Clemmensen S.  Seksten aner må man have. Epitafiet i Galten Kirke.  Heraldisk Tidsskrift: 2001,  9 (84), 148-158.

·         Clemmensen S, Achen S T, Rostock O.  Dansk heraldisk bibliografi 1569-1999. Syddansk Universitetsforlag 2002.

·         Clemmensen S.  Armorials – Groups and relations.  Actes du 26e Congrès International des Sciences Généalogique et Héraldique 2004 en Bruges, Brussels 2006, pp.163-173.

·         Clemmensen S. The English in the Golden Fleece group of armorials. The Coat of Arms, 2006, 211:11-44.

·         Clemmensen S. Imaginary arms – traditions in medieval armorials. Actes du 27e Congrès International des Sciences Généalogique et Héraldique 2006 en St.Andrews, Scotland, 1:229-244. Genealogica et Heraldica, Heradry Society of Scotland, Edinburgh 2008.

·         Clemmensen S: Ligheder, forskelligheder og faldgruber. Betragtninger vedrørende Codex Bergshammar og dens kilder. Heraldisk Tidsskrift, 2008, 10(98):358-371.

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·         Clemmensen S: Early arms – as attributed, adopted or documented. Coat of arms, 2016, 232:61-88

  • Clemmensen S: The Beauchamps of Warwick and their use of arms. Genealogy, 2018, vol.2, no.38; doi:10.3390/genealogy2040038 - www.mdpi.com/journals/genealogy .
  • Clemmensen S: Editing armorials. Cooperation, knowledge and approach by late medieval practitioners. I-II. København : Books on Demand 2017. (dissertation defended University of Copenhagen 17.01.2020).

  Toxicological  publications &c:

 ·       Clemmensen  S,  Jensen J C,  Jensen N J,  Meyer O,  Olsen  P, Wurtzen  G.   Toxicological studies on malachite green ‑ a triphenylmethane dye.  Arch Toxicol: 1984, 56: 43‑45.

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·         Clemmensen S.  Bedømmelse af dyreeksperimentelle under­søgelser af kemiske stoffers mulige kræftfrem­kaldende virkning (evalua­tion of investigations on laboratory animals for possible carcinogenic ef­fect).  I: Kemikalier og kriterier for kræftfremkaldende effekt. pp. 25‑54, Institut for Toksikologi, Statens Levnedsmiddelinstitut, Publ. 100, Søborg, 1984.

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